There is not enough information about Joe on the internet so here are links to some of the things I have found interesting.

A link to the Joe Bolton Archive at Western Kentucky University

An Essay from Voltage Poetry on Joe’s poem “Childhood”.

An archived Geocities page Tonya Parsons, one of Joe’s friends, made for Joe.

Charlotte Allyn’s essay in Cipher Magazine about searching for Joe Bolton. It contains some new information, and also some contradictory information.

A pretty amazing, yet incomplete bibliography from Oyster Boy Review

Visit Joe Bolton’s final resting place on Find A Grave

Tavern Books reprint of Joe Bolton’s chapbook, even if you have his collected works, it is worth $12 just for the new introduction.

Jerry Harp’s Fall 2000 essay “On Joe Bolton”, in the Iowa Review, talks about Joe as part of the generation caught between the boomers and the Xers.

In an interview with Willow Springs Robert Wrigley speaks of Joe Bolton’s unfulfilled potential. (broken link)

Pdf of 1987 version of Breckenridge County Suite: To A Young Kentucky Woman from Crazyhorse (takes a while load)